Come gestire le password salvate tutorial video

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Today we live in an increasingly digital world, where we have multiple accounts on different websites, apps, and services. This abundance of login credentials, however, makes it difficult to remember all our passwords securely.

Come gestire le password salvate tutorial video

Until some time ago, it was possible to use simple and easy-to-remember passwords, but now we are required to use higher levels of security with the inclusion of special characters and variation between uppercase and lowercase letters.

As a result, memorizing and managing our numerous passwords has become a real problem. Fortunately, there are tools available today, called 'password managers,' that can help us address this challenge. These apps (such as LastPass and NordPass), functioning via the cloud and synchronizable across multiple devices, allow us to store all our credentials in one protected place, accessible in a simple and secure manner.

In this article, you will find a video tutorial on how to manage passwords on computers, Android, and Apple devices.


How to manage saved passwords - Password Manager

A password manager is an application that acts as a digital safe where you can encrypt and securely store your sensitive data, such as login credentials, access keys, credit card details, personal information, and private files. Additionally, it generates complex passwords and automatically fills them for you.

Most modern browsers offer integrated functionalities to store your personal passwords, but these are quite limited to ensure ease of use. Passwords stored in a browser can only be viewed on devices where the same browser or browsing app is installed. Conversely, almost all password managers have a convenient Web Vault feature that allows access to your access keys simply by visiting the main web page of the chosen service.

Furthermore, password managers often offer advanced features that go beyond those available in browsers, such as quick generation of random passwords, organization of information and passwords into categories, secure sharing of passwords with family and friends, checking to see if passwords have been involved in online data breaches, and the ability to store a wide range of information, such as credit card numbers, Wi-Fi network access keys, notes, and even files.

In short, password managers are excellent solutions that should be recommended to everyone. Here are some of the best ones available.

How to manage saved passwords - Video Tutorial

YouTube Video

We are inundated with passwords, and remembering them all is truly impossible!
Even if we write them down somewhere, we risk losing them or not having them when needed, so what can we do?

Specific Apps called Password Managers come to our aid, allowing us to manage all passwords and store and archive them securely (but not only passwords, also access codes, documents, cards, and everything that needs protection).

How to manage saved passwords - The need to manage passwords

Today, more than ever, we have a multitude of accounts created on various services, such as social networks, apps, e-commerce websites, and other platforms. Just a few years ago, using elementary passwords for all our logins was sufficient, but now security standards require us to use more complex and unique credentials. Consequently, it has become nearly impossible to memorize all our passwords. Additionally, the risk of reusing the same combination for different sites can lead to dangerous security breaches. There is, therefore, a need to find a method to manage this large quantity of credentials in a practical and effective manner.

How to manage saved passwords - Password managers and how they work

Password managers are software tools that allow you to store and centrally manage all your passwords. They are accessible from multiple devices and provide an additional level of protection; access to the credentials vault is achieved by entering just one master password. The most popular tools also allow for the quick generation of random and unique passwords for each account, as well as automatic filling of login fields. We will see in detail how LastPass, one of the most used password managers, works, illustrating its capabilities and ease of use.

How to manage saved passwords - Advantages and comparison between main software

After delving into LastPass's features, we will evaluate the features of another well-known password manager, NordPass. Both offer similar functionalities but also have some differences that make them more suitable for certain needs. We will, therefore, analyze the peculiarities of each program, focusing on the most interesting aspects such as advanced security options, multi-device synchronization, and intuitive interface. The goal is to understand which solution to choose based on one's needs for managing and protecting digital credentials.

How to manage saved passwords - LastPass

LastPass is freeware developed by the company of the same name for web password management.
It is available as an add-on for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera and can also automatically manage filling login forms. For other browsers, a LastPass bookmarklet is available. Passwords are encrypted locally and then synchronized with LastPass servers to allow access from other browsers.

LastPass has received a 5-star rating on Firefox Add-ons and has been reviewed on Download Squad, Lifehacker, and Makeuseof. Additionally, it offers a premium subscription that includes support for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and WebOS, along with better technical support, stronger encryption, and no advertisements.

How to manage saved passwords - NordPass

NordPass is a secure and intuitive password manager that allows you to keep all your passwords, access keys, credit cards, protected notes, and personal information at your fingertips, safeguarding them in one secure location.

With NordPass, you can organize your online life securely, generate strong passwords, securely share passwords with your colleagues, and check if your data has been breached. Additionally, NordPass supports passkeys, a new passwordless authentication standard that is more secure and convenient to use than traditional passwords.

Forget sticky notes: with NordPass, you can save your sensitive data with just one click and easily manage your passwords, access keys, credit cards, and personal information in one secure location. Furthermore, NordPass allows you to automatically fill forms and enter credit card data or passwords with just one click, simplifying your online activities, whether you're making purchases, booking a trip, or accessing your social media accounts.

How to manage saved passwords - Sources

The ESSENTIAL APP for storing and managing PASSWORDS

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