Taggare su facebook i followers

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Taggare su facebook i followers
The social media platform Facebook is now an integral part of the daily lives of millions of people worldwide. Effectively managing a Facebook page is crucial for businesses, professionals, influencers, and anyone looking to use this platform for communication and promotion.

One of the most important aspects to master is how to increase the organic reach of your posts, reaching as many people as possible without investing in paid sponsorships.

In this tutorial, we will discover a very useful trick that allows you to tag all or a portion of your followers on your Facebook page, notifying them and increasing the chances of them viewing your content.

This is a hidden feature not officially advertised by Meta, a kind of workaround that partially bypasses the limitations imposed by the Facebook algorithm. We will delve into how it works, when and how to use it best without annoying your followers with too many tags.

Learning to maximize tools like this is essential for those managing Facebook pages, as the algorithm increasingly tends to penalize organic content. This tutorial will provide valuable practical tips to enhance your strategy on this social network.

Using tags correctly can make a big difference in content visibility. Let's explore together this simple yet effective trick for tagging followers and increasing engagement on Facebook.

Table of Contents

Tagging on Facebook - Tagging

When you tag someone on Facebook, you create a link to their profile. This means that the post in which you tag the person could be added to their timeline and viewed by all their friends. The tagged person will also receive a notification.

For example, you can tag a photo to indicate the people in it or post a status update and mention who you are with.

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Tagging on Facebook - Video Tutorial

YouTube Video

An unknown but very useful system to increase the organic reach of posts. With this system, you can tag all the followers of the page (or at least a part—we don't know if the tag notification reaches everyone) and let them know that you have published a post.

Tagging on Facebook - How to Tag

A very useful trick on Facebook to tag all or a portion of your followers and thus increase the organic reach of your posts. It is an informal and experimental method, not officialized by Meta, but it works and allows you to partially bypass the Facebook algorithm.

How the trick to tag followers works

Quick tutorial on how to use the trick to tag followers on Facebook and increase organic reach.
At the end of your post, insert the '@' symbol followed by 'followers' to tag the pages that follow you or 'highlight' to tag personal profiles
You can use it only once a day for followers and once a week for 'highlight'
This way, a notification is sent to your followers who have been tagged in your post
Be careful, as it may not work on very large groups

How to make the most of this trick

This is a very useful trick to give visibility to your posts, to be used with wisdom and intelligence to avoid annoying followers.
Use this function sparingly, only when necessary and on valuable content, otherwise, people will tend to ignore notifications
Check the post insights to see if the coverage has increased after using the trick
Combine it with interesting and quality content, otherwise, even if the notification arrives, people won't click

Tagging on Facebook - Link

How to TAG all FOLLOWERS of a FACEBOOK page
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