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Google Stadia giochi gratis gennaio 2021
Su Google Stadia giochi gratis di gennaio 2021 e il lancio dello streaming su iOS.

Google Stadia arrivano i nuovi giochi gratis per gli abbonati a Stadia Pro di gennaio 2021, inoltre c'è stato il lancio del servizio streaming su iOS.

Google Stadia giochi gratis gennaio 2021
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I giochi saranno i seguenti

F1 2020 - Open-wheel racing at its finest!
Hotline Miami - A fast, visceral top-down shooter that rewards the quick and punishes the hesitant.
Figment - A musical journey through the mind.
Ary and the Secret of Seasons - A colorful action-RPG that encourages you to explore a mysterious world.

You can now try Stadia on iOS devices! Last Wednesday, we rolled out the ability to play Stadia games on your iPhone or iPad. Sign in to on your Safari iOS browser, then add the Stadia web shortcut to your home screen (more details here). You’ll need to be running iOS 14.3 or later. We’re excited to hear your feedback on our public iOS test as we continue to develop and enhance Stadia on iOS devices.
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