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Gonn Salsomaggiore Festival Beat 2012
Craig Moore e i suoi Gonn ormai sono vecchie conoscenze del festival Beat, dove sono transitati più volte in passato. Ciò non toglie però che restino una piccola leggenda del garage americano dei mid-sixties, (ex) ragazzi della provincia USA che suonavano teen-punk come si faceva allora: con innocenza, ingenuità e sacro furore adolescenziale. La loro Blackout Of Gretely è un’inestimabile pepita, un tributo a quei suoni e a quegli anni. E il pubblico del Festival Beat non si stanca mai di ascoltarla.

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GONN is a 1960s American garage rock band from Keokuk, Iowa whose signature song is "Blackout of Gretely". Although releasing only two singles in 1966-67, the band also recorded numerous other tracks that have been collected on three retrospective albums. Following a 1989 solo album released by bandleader Craig Moore, GONN reunited in 1990 and released a 30th-year reunion album in 1996. In 2004, GONN was inducted into the Iowa Rock 'n' Roll Music Association Hall of Fame.

Over the years, "Blackout of Gretely" has acquired a life of its own. Singer Craig Moore begins by intoning: "The universe is permeated with the odor of kerosene" over Gerry Gabel's muscular Vox organ, followed by his "blood curdling scream".[16] Rex Garrett's infectious, fuzz-drenched guitar riffs take over at that point, which might be described as an amped-up interpretation of the opening guitar chords on "Satisfaction", or The Standells' "Dirty Water", which it closely resembles. The influences of the Standells and Count Five are also apparent.[17] Moore screams while the howling vocals by Gerry Gabel are a tale in several verses where the singer cannot understand why everything looks so dark, only to discover when he arrives home that he has been wearing sunglasses the whole time. Greg Shaw states that "'Blackout of Gretely' is without doubt one of the Top 10 great punk records of all time" and noted that it had sold for as much as $1000.00 by the mid-1990s.[18] In 2008, the UK publication MOJO Magazine also listed it in the Top 10 garage psych singles of all time.

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Gonn - Blackout of gretely
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