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Summer Jamboree Senigallia 2012
Artisti che si esibiranno al Summer Jamboree di Senigallia dal 4 a 12 Agosto 2012
Senigallia Adriatic Riviera Italia

Pre Festival
Friday 3 August 2012
Le Ragazze Dello Swing
The Blue Dolls (IT)

Saturday 4 August 2012
- Sun Legend
Narvel Felts (USA)
The Frigidaires (IT)
Dionna And The Avenue X (USA / IT)

Sunday 5 August 2012
The Ballroom Kings (IT)
Jhonny Law & The Pistol Packin'Daddies (AUS)
Libbico & The Almost Blues (IT)

Monday 6 August 2012
Mike Penny And The Moonshiners (DE)
Dale Rocka And The Volcanoes (IT)
Libbico & The Almost Blues (IT)

Tuesday 7 August 2012
- From Santo And Jhonny
Jhonny Farina (USA)
The Jets (UK)
The Silver Tones (IT / UK)

Wednesday 8 August 2012
- Big Hawaiian Party On The Beach
Greg, Max Paiella ANd Then Jolly Rockers (IT)
The Okole Maluna Orchestra (DE / IT)
Honolulu Hula Boys (Feat Miss Sery / IT)
The Silver Tones (IT / UK)

Thursday 9 August 2012
- From The Original Comets
Marshall Lytle (USA)
Di Maggio Connection (IT)
Sugarpie & Then Candymen (IT)

- 1 Jazzy Jamboree
Baby's Got Swing

- featuring
Skyline Jazz Quartet
Massimo Manzi
Coro Voci Bianche (OSTRA)

Friday 10 August 2010
- The Explosive
Freddie Boom Boom Cannon (USA)
The Inteli-Gents (UK)
Sugarpie & The Candymen (IT)
The Wavers (IT)

- Burlesque Another Amazing Rock n Roll Revue
Abbey Town Jump Orchestra (IT)

- 22 Pieces Big Band Featuring International Singers
Roy Kay (USA)
Lily Moe & The Barnyard P.A. Trio (CH)
Junior Marvel (NL)
Four Vegas (IT)

Sunday 12 August 2012
Joe And The Hornets (SE)
Lily Moe & The Barnyard P.A. Trio (CH)
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